Monday, March 14, 2011

We @ Shoe International PC + STYLO (PART 1)

Dato' Jimmy Choo is giving speech during the press conference of Malaysia International Shoe Festival 2011. Yes,it's Jimmy Choo.
Displaying of previous shoe collection of the competitors.
Dato' Nancy Yeoh is giving speech for upcoming STYLO fashion week event which be held on April.  Can't wait!!
Jasmi and I. Actually Jasmi is one of my Limkokwing fashion lecturers.Also he is one of the top Malaysian designers that active in joining fashion competition and fashion week.
Wearing my own handmade headband. This lace headband is still AVAILABLE to purchase. It's only RM 15. =)
Lovely Sputnik Sweetheart's blogger,Ami in velvet vintage blouse and harem pants. I adore her creativity on styling her Hijab scarf,it's very fashionable in a polite & covered way.
As usual me in very bohemian + rock 'n' roll chic style. Well, I just love to be a rock queen star. LOL.

I will like to thank to my blogger friend, Ami for invited me to this press conference. This press conference is about upcoming fashion event which will be held on early April. It's Malaysia International Shoe Festival 2011 and together with  STYLO Fashion Week. Oh I can't wait. 

Here are the pictures that taken by Ami using her Lumix GF 1. My camera is just being so bitch to me today, I hate it. Maybe this is sign that I should get a brand new camera for me. But I never think yet to get DSLR or compact digital camera. Which I prefer compact digital camera because it's easy to bring and carry. Anyway thanks a lot to my blogger friend who is very kind to let me use some of the pictures that she took this morning. =) *warm hugs to her*

Anyway for the Malaysia International Shoe Festival will be start on 7-10th April 2011 in PWTC (Putra World Trade Centre),Kuala Lumpur. For the STYLO event will be starting 3rd-10th April 2011. I will update you guys more about this event in pretty soon as I get the updated from the STYLO people. STAY TUNED!


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