Monday, December 5, 2011

A night with Michael Ong

                          The celebrities in Michael Ong for TESCO

 Alex & Dani (friends)

I had an invitation for the launching for Michael Ong for TESCO last week. It's good to meet him [ersonally and have a quick chit chat. Anyway Michael Ong will launching his limited edition collection features 9 versatile, day to night pieces in a splash of colours ranging from red,blue,purple,fuchsia, coral, and black.

This collection will be under the label " A LIMITED EDITION by MICHAEL ONG EXCLUSIVELY for TESCO". It will be available in all 17 TESCO stores around Malaysia beginning 15th December 2011, for a limited period only.

Seriously I can't wait for it !. The important thing is the price is affordable to all and exclusively it's from designer label itself-Michael Ong.

p/s: some of the pictures are JAZ KHAI . He's event photographer. Credit to him : )

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