Sunday, December 5, 2010


I have something different to show you on today's outfit. I wore the Malay traditional outfit  for went my lecturer's wedding today. It is a baju kurung which has a top and sarong( kinda like long skirt which had a few of layer fold at the side ).

So for my foreigner readers, this is a Malay traditional outfit. Mostly, we wear it for special occasion like wedding or engagement ceremony ,celebration for Eid Mubarak and also for some ladies wear it for work. There are a lot of designs of baju kurung actually, depend on material, cut and design. If the glamorous event we go, so the material we use is more glamorous too like satin, lace or chiffon.

To cut the story short, this baju kurung is more casual and comfortable for any occasion and event.How do I look with this outfit? Do you like it?



Ami Schaheera said...

Hi Diana, we met today at Stylo academy :)

Care to exchange links?

Diana Azmi said...

Hi babe

Sure.. and i already put on up some our pics at my blog and your blog link too. I love your blog and definitely your style. =)

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