Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards

                                               Claire Danes
                                              Eva Longoria
                                               Jennifer Lopez
                                                 Brad Pitt
                                               Angelina Jolie
                                                Emma Stone
                                                   Natalie Portman
                                                  Julia Stiles
                                           Mila Kunis
                                              Kelly Osbourne
                                                  Matt Bomer
                                             Jayma Mays
                                               Guiliana Rancic
                                              Jane Krakowski
                                               Julienne Moore
                                                 Naya Rivera
                                              Olivia Wilde

How many of you guys were watching Golden Globe last Sunday? I was accidentally missed to watch it. There are so many things on my mind until I could forgot about this. Anyway I just browsed around to get some randomly picture of dresses that wore by the famous celebrities during Golden Globe last Sunday to post here.

So here are some of the pics that I successfully uploaded. In your opinion ,which one is the best dressed ? For me, I have 2 choices-either Eva Longoria or Emma Stone. Eva looks very classy in Zac Posen's dress .The silhouette beautifully hug her shape and gives her great hourglass curves. Then for Emma Stone ,the peach colour of the Calvin Klein's dress made her looks sophisticated and elegant. Don't you think so? Anyway I love the cutting and totally less is more. Well done Emma!!

So the best dressed goes to???I'll leave the question mark here to let you guys guess. =)


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