Sunday, January 16, 2011


                                             Denni from Chic Muse

Have you heard about Marco Santaniello before ? Marco and I were getting to know each other through FACEBOOK. Yes facebook, I know it sounds funny but the truth is I was never expected a famous artist like him read my blog and officially be my follower now!!.He also added me up in Facebook.=)

Well 3 days ago I received his email about his artwork, so I felt an honor if I could be helping him to spread his artwork info to my beloved reader here in MALAYSIA.. Let's me summarize a little bit of him, Marco Santaniello is a 360° artist focused on the fashion system (making t-shirts and t-skirts). Self-taught, polemic against the Italian’s  formality and bureaucracy. He’s  got a degree in Science of Communication (Perugia) and  specialization  in Cool Hunting (course at Polimoda S.R.L. in Florence), Marketing & Visual Merchandising and Graphic Design(courses  in Milan). 

His  “portraits” are becoming known on the internet and he was also the BUSINESS OF FASHION’S SPOTLIGHT ARTIST OF APRIL 2010!!! ( he already did some exhibition in Milan & Cremona).During the  university time he created  THE T-SKIRT, A FASHION PATENT. Actually the singer Kazz Kumar is wearing a T-skirt during some performance in London!

He advertises it by doing authorised and especially not-authorised catwalkshows in many places such as London, Rome, Milan and Paris.
Actually he also writes about fashion and trends on  the section “NEWS” of a Max Mara’s blog.

All his stuff: t-shirts t-skirts and pop art are on sale !

For more info about him you can click HERE !! or add him up at his FACEBOOK.



MIX said...

Thanks for this post darling :)
So nice :)! just like u :)!!

Diana Azmi said...

no biggie.your artwork are very unique. I love it and so the people out there.


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