Friday, January 14, 2011

Hand made headbands by me !

                                              Rm 25 nett # (SOLD)
                                                Rm 25 nett # (SOLD)
                                              Rm 11 nett # (SOLD)
                                                Rm 16.90 nett # (SOLD)
                                               Rm 15 nett # (SOLD)
                                               Rm  12.90 nett #
                                                Rm 11 nett # (SOLD)
                                             Rm 25 nett # (SOLD)
                                               Rm 19.90 nett #

Hi girls, I made it a beautiful headband today. If you like to wear them, you can purchase in FASHION AND I exclusively. However these headbands are not just for free hair ladies but it also could be wear by Hijab ladies out there. If you girls interested, you can drop me an email  at for more details about shipping and etc. Before you sending me an email ,please insert the pics of the headband above that you want to purchase.To avoid me confuse which one you want. LOL.



Ami Schaheera said...

i like that RM15 one! babe, do you wanna go to Mimpi Kita's new boutique launching with me on 18th Jan? It's at bangsar :))

If you do, hit me up alrite!

Diana Azmi said...

thanks ami. anyway you nak purchase ke that one? still available. =)

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