Friday, May 20, 2011

A cold night

Hello girls and boys. At this time I post all these pictures, I am still laying on bed with wrapping myself with a thick and layered sweater. My fever is still not recovering yet plus have a bad runny nose and sore throat.* oh God, how I hate this* I hope everyone is doing well and great.Please take care of yourself, I know the weather right now is terribly bad.

I am so sorry if I am lacking of any idea to post the entry on The-Fashion and I. Currently, I am working on a few business projects plus just get back on sewing and doing some custom-made order for the clothes and headband. I am really busy and have not so much time to post for new entry or go to event party.

For the today post, here are the picture I took recently with my friend, Nadyra Tee for her photography assignment. As usual, Putrajaya is our main and favorite place to do the photography session. I love to feel a very cold night in Putrajaya and the light is very beautiful and energizing. As you see me in a few of recently pictures, I am very street style chic person. Yes, you can see me from the picture above. :)

P/S: Since Raya is coming soon, if anyone wanna custom-made the headband for yourself or daughter or friend or sister. Do not hesitate to email me. I can go with your own budget. No worries. :)



MIX said...

you look so pretty! nice location too! :)

NADYRA TEE said...

y choosing blur picture my dear? malu i :D

Diana Azmi said...

mix: thanks marco. :). but Italy seems a lot of nice scenery.

nadyra: gambar yg buat aku xnmpk gemuk semua agak blur2, then aku try besar kan image..that's why nmpk blur ckit. Anyway okay jer. hehe.

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