Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Women of Malaysia's Launching

Wearing my own self-making maxi skirt. So many friends asked me to sew for them. :)
My headband during the runway
Zig Zag headban on Hijab model. :)
Hijab model is wearing my headband,featured with PASTELINA
 Off-White Tassels Headband. Does anyone here dare to wear this?
Me with Hijab Girls- owner of Sugarscarf by Riqa & both girls are owner of PASTELINA
Me with my best friend, Nadyra Tee.
My lovely Hijab Girls.
Madukara's Collection
Syahreen with Amber Chia. So cute :)
Syahreen is wearing my headband. Pretty! :)
Lynn from Ralaglitz, Syahreen and Me.
Me with Shafiqah, Founder of Women of Malaysia
Shafiqah is wearing my headband that I made for her. *Gorgeous*
Nadyra with Ixora Chern. She is an actor, tv presenter & model. *very friendly person*
Amber Chia is showing some thing to Ixora & Nadine. *gossiping time*
Me with my senior from Limkokwing Univeristy, Nadine. Yes, she is the Miss Universe Malaysia 2010. Super tall and slim. Also she is HOT!!

Finally I have time to upload some pictures that are from last 2 weeks event. It was Women of Malaysia's launching at Phileo Damansara. Mostly for the picture was taken by my talented best friend, Nadyra Tee. As you know, my friend-Nadyra is always capturing and shooting for myself. She is very talented in photography and always know what I want during the photo shoot. 

Back the story about the launching moment, my handmade headband was featured during the runway with some of the online store's outfit. You can view the picture above to have a look of my headband. Also, I did a special made headband that requested from Founder of WOM. She looked stunning in fuchsia pink dress and my embellishment Greek headband that I made. (picture above or inside headband collection's section).

Anyway, I had so much fun on that night with all the guests, models, blog shop owner and also the delicious food. Unfortunately, I did not have so much time to take picture with Amber Chia. Because I was stuck at the backstage for packing things up. Wanna know more about who is Women of Malaysia, click HERE !!


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