Friday, May 27, 2011

How much do you love your hair color?

Like today post, I just want to ask you guys. How much do you love your hair color? And how many times do you guys color your hair? Honestly I had colored my hair only once during college. I was coloring my hair to light hazelnut color. After that, I get scolded from my mom because she just did not like my hair color too bright. *that's story of my life*.Lol.

After been a few year, I am now stick to my originally hair color, which is black. I love my black hair color so much , it looks healthier and sexy. Don't you think so guys? But different people are different opinion about it. Sometimes when I apply a very thick eyeliner and red shocking lipstick, I just look likes a Goth. Like somehow I think its weird to have a very black hair color. Lol.

So you guys, tell me do you love you hair color now?



aishah amin said...

i dyed my hair once in form 2 and it made my parents nuts! LOL.but i totally loved it. if i were you, i'd dye my hair barbie pink!:p

Diana Azmi said... dad just okay with it but just my mom is very conservative about it or maybe she worried about how Halal or not the color ingredient.Anyway, like now I start to love my originally black hair. :)

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