Thursday, May 22, 2014


Have you heard about BONOBOS? Well ,The Fashion and I is one of the fashion blogs that collaborating with Bonobos regarding of their Spring Suit Collection / Men's Suits Wedding. I am gonna blog about their collection soon. BONOBOS is Men's Wear from New York that special tailor-made for men's suit. They are now having a few collections that you can go to check their website out.

If your guys are looking for your future husband men's suit , I suggest to custom-made/ tailor made at BONOBOS. They have a few nice suits and jackets with the nice workmanship with a good price.

It's hard to find a good suits with a good material with a good price, except at

You can like their FB Page :- BONOBOS (FB)
                           Pinterest : -BONOBOS (PINTEREST)


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