Thursday, May 22, 2014


I just started to launch my online vintage closet, so far it's just on instagram. Since I'm a vintage collector girl, I definitely want to do online market that people rarely want to do. I believe in Malaysia, not so many ladies are love to wear vintage/ pre-loved vintage clothes rather than oversea crowd. 

I love vintage clothes because it's rare, nice designs and you wont find people wear the same clothes like you wear. Nice vintage is depending on brands, materials and designs. Don't you think vintage is cheap guys, but what I'm selling is depending on what I just said just now. Mostly my items are imported and it's from a few countries.

You guys can shop and follow here :- DIANA'S VINTAGE CLOSET

Hopefully you guys can spread Diana's Vintage Closet around and again thanks for the support ,guys! I really appreciated it. xx.


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